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MBAEA 9 Student Resources web page

Remember to use RADCAB 

RelevancyIs the information relevant to the question at hand? Am I on the right track?
AppropriatenessIs the information suitable to my age and core values?
DetailHow much information do I need? Is the depth of coverage adequate?
CurrencyWhen was the information published or last updated?
AuthorityWho is the author of the information? What are his or her qualifications?
BiasWhy was this information written? Was it written to inform me, persuade me, entertain me, or sell me something?


GALE - Kids Info Bits

Internet Search Tools

Sweet Search - A Search Engine for Students  http://www.sweetsearch.com/#


RADCAB Link to Slides

Plagiarism - What is it?  How to Avoid it?

Nicole's Story: Copyrighting Creative Work

Vocabulary Background Sound Files

Creative Commons for Kids Pow Toons Video

Krisp Milk's Copyright & Creative Commons for Kids

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